Case Study

Leveling Up Health Savings Accounts

How Mesh Studios Helped Lively Build A New Integration To Their HSA Platform

Lively is a software company that helps employers offer a modern Health Savings Account (HSA) to their employees. Their product streamlines the process of setting-up an HSA and offers a convenient dashboard to manage and administer the benefit. Lively also helps employees take full advantage of their HSA by allowing them to invest the money that they contribute into the account.

“Our goal is to facilitate and optimize how individuals save for healthcare expenses.”

The company was founded in the summer of 2016 by Shobin Uralil and Alex Cyriac. They have raised $4.2MM in venture funding and participated in the Winter 2017 class of YCombinator.


Lively is able to grow its customer base and improve its product through strategic partnerships. These partnerships will often require complex integrations between Lively’s platform and their partner’s business systems.

One particular partner integration in the fall of 2017 had a tight timeline for implementation. Internal engineering resources were scarce, as Lively’s engineering team focused on building features and functionality for their core product.

It was important to get the integration done in time for open enrollment (which is typically a very busy time in the industry).


The Lively leadership team decided to look for external help to develop the cloud integration. This development partner would need to get up to speed on Lively’s code base quickly, understand the business requirements, and deliver on a deadline. Mesh was asked to architect and implement the cloud integration on behalf of Lively.


We began the engagement by working directly with Lively’s CTO, Chris Mather, to get up to speed on Lively’s existing application and business logic. We then worked closely with the Lively engineering team and their partner to architect the integration. After several planning sessions, we determined the appropriate implementation approach and were ready to start writing software.

Over the course of 6 weeks, we built several software components needed to complete the integration. This included a HTTP client that could pull data from the partners API, and persistence logic that allows the Lively application to store partner data. We also developed a comprehensive automated test suite to validate the new functionality.


The project was delivered on time and on budget. Lively enabled the partner integration for their customers in time for the end of the year which was a significant milestone. Lively’s core engineers were able to stay focused on building their product, while Mesh was able to complete the integration on their behalf.