Case Study

Building Community at Drivers Club

Mesh helped Drivers Club build a suite of applications for Club Members.

Drivers Club is a passion project of Doug Perry’s. As a car enthusiasts, he envisioned a community of like-minded individuals where members are offered a full range of services including collection management, curated events, a private lounge and automobile storage — all in a modern, climate controlled, secure, and convenient location.

The first location will be opening this summer in Redmond, WA and a reciprocal club in Scottsdale, AZ.

The Work

Drivers Club approached Mesh Studio in January of 2018. We were asked to help design and build a suite of member and administrative applications that would eventually power the Drivers Club experience.

Club members would need simple and intuitive applications that enhanced their club experience. Club administrators would need tools to help them onboard and manage club members.


Our first task was to identify the set of features and functionality that would be included in the applications. While the Drivers Club team had a rough idea of the features they wanted to include, we needed to collectively distill their concepts into a project scope that could be built within their time and budget constraints.

After a series of whiteboard sessions and product reviews, we arrived at a project scope that called for member applications on iOS and Android along with a web application that handled both member and admin functionality.

An early Drivers Club whiteboard session.

An early Drivers Club whiteboard session.


After establishing the project scope, we produced a set of high fidelity product mockups for each individual application. These mockups allowed us to determine the information architecture and user experience (UX) for the applications.

Once we finalized the mockups and received approval from the Drivers Club team, we set out to apply a polished design to our product concepts. We leveraged one of our design partners for this project, Dixon & Moe, as we felt they would be able to do the Drivers Club products justice with a clean and simple design.

We worked through several design revisions with both teams until we ultimately arrived at a design and aesthetic that everyone was thrilled with.

Drivers Club mobile designs.

Drivers Club mobile designs.


The Drivers Club team wanted to ship applications on iOS, Android, and Web at the same time. With this knowledge in mind, we decided to build the web application in React and the mobile applications in React Native. This decision afforded us many benefits, the primary of which were:

We could share all networking and persistence logic between the applications. We could deploy to iOS and Android with a single mobile codebase.

We were able to save a tremendous amount of development time and cost, by opting to build the applications in cross-platform language.

Over a three month period, we completed the build of all Drivers Club applications. We also integrated the application back-end with StorEDGE, the billing and facility management software used by Drivers Club. Lastly, we implemented a push notification and email service, that allows the Club administrators to keep in contact with all members.

Drivers Club web event list.

Drivers Club web event list.


The Drivers Club facilities are set to open in July of 2018, but they are already accepting membership applications. All software applications are live and available for Drivers Club members on the web and mobile platforms today.

Additionally, we had a wonderful time working with, and getting to know the Drivers Club team. They are building an amazing community of car enthusiasts, and are looking forward to watching their new business grow into a well known automotive brand.

Drivers Club web event detail.

Drivers Club web event detail.