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Who We Are

Mesh doesn’t just write software, we partner with our customers to understand the underlying business objectives that necessitate software development. We then design, architect and implement cloud software systems that help our customers meet those objectives.

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Our Values

Customer First

We have many customers; consulting customers, product customers, partner customers etc. These customers are the lifeblood of our company and they are our number one priority.


The sum of our collective efforts is far greater than our individual efforts. We produce our best work when we work together as a team. We must also always treat each other with respect and professionalism.


There are an infinite number of ways that we can approach a task and not all approaches are created equal. It is critical that we are thoughtful and intentional with how we approach our work.


We take responsibility for our tasks. We understand that the work we produce affects our co-workers, our business and most importantly, our customers.


We are are in the business of problem solving. We must be infinitely resourceful in finding solutions to these problems. There is no problem that we cannot engineer a solution to. We keep digging and trying new approaches until we find that solution.

Finish Strong

Whatever we do, we do it well and we do it to completion. We finish what we start. We do not leave tasks almost done.

Our Story

Mesh founders, Kevin Coleman and Taylor Halliday, moved to San Francisco in 2014 to work for different venture-funded startups. Kevin built messaging software for Layer while Taylor built the future of private transportation for Chariot.

During their nights and weekends in the winter of 2015, the pair started working on a customer success product called Mesh Data. That product would eventually land them a spot in the prestigious YCombinator fellowship accelerator.

While participating in the accelerator, Kevin and Taylor came to realize that the market for customer success products was already fairly saturated. The real problem for companies, however, was that they were having difficulty knitting these platforms together with their own cloud systems. Kevin and Taylor realized that there was a massive shortage of sophisticated cloud engineers who could help companies integrate these services into a cohesive whole.

As a result, they decided to focus on building a consultancy that would help customers build applications, services, and integrations in the cloud.

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The Founders

Taylor Halliday

Taylor lives in Seattle with his wife Chelsea and his 18-month-old son Mason. Outside of Mesh, Taylor loves skiing, boating, hiking, grabbing a local beer, or diving into some new and interesting technical paper.

Kevin Coleman

Kevin lives in Seattle with his wife Lindsey and their dog Kameron. Outside of Mesh, Kevin is an avid saltwater fly fisherman and can be found exploring the local beaches of Puget sound in pursuit of Sea-run Cutthroat Trout.